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      Richard Johnstone


      I have been using bulk edit a lot. This issue I have is this… our projects are all keyed to an RBS, meaning that in the “Project Details” screen for a project, we have the RBS field available. If we change the underlying RBS list in the Enterprise Custom field, the newly created items are not present in the bulk load drop down for RBS, only the previous values. It basically is not reading the ODATA values against these projects on opening and possible caching the old values. If you look at a projects details, the RBS value is correct, but not available to select in bulk load. This looks to me to be a bug. Even after using the RELOAD data, they do not appear.


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      Richard Johnstone

      Fixed it by DELETED the fields, then reapplying them again. It seems to cache the drop down lists which in my opinion is a bug and not reliable.

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