Bulk Edit Support


Common Questions

Current Version: v1.2.0.23 (03/10/2017)

To update your install open All Site Contents from the SharePoint settings menu, and then next to Bulk Edit you should see an Update if there is an update available.

See the release history for more information.


Known Issues

Please review the known issues with Bulk Edit listed below.

Project Server 2019 display issue
Error Message

Bulk Edit loads but the table of projects does not display correctly.


This is caused by an issue in SharePoint 2019, discussed in the following article:

Common issue: SP2019 – Items in document libraries are downloaded with mime-type application/octet-stream rather than the accurate one


The issue can be resolved by installing the IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility windows feature either through Server Manager UI or using the following PowerShell commands:

import-module servermanager
install-windowsfeature web-metabase
Security required for Bulk Edit usage


Error Message

Users without permissions to all projects such as Project Managers may not see any projects with (and get a Forbidden message in Bulk Edit) or may see the following when attempting to update projects:

Last Error: The unable to update custom field: xxxxxx could not find field or unsupported field type.


Bulk Edit requires two permissions to be applied to users to be able to access project’s:

  1. Access Project Server Reporting Service – A Global Project Server Permission
  2. Use Remote Interfaces – A SharePoint permission level

However even with both of these rights assigned, users will not be able to update projects that they don’t have permissions to, and may see the above error in that case when trying to edit those projects.


Assigning the above permissions to the users will grant access to bulk edit owned projects but not other projects.

Please see the following blog article on this topic for more information:


On-premises install: No projects are loaded and no error message is shown
Error Message

No projects are loaded despite there being many published projects in PWA, additionally no error message is shown.


This may occur if Bulk Edit does not have permissions to load projects. This could be due to a failure in assigning the permissions during install, or if the App Management service has not been configured correctly for Project Server.


To ensure that the App has the appropriate permissions, open Site Contents and from the Bulk Edit app, check the permissions from the menu option (see screenshot). If this does not resolve the issue, an your are running on an on-premises installation, then try to install another PWA App such as Holiday Sync in order to determine if the App Management server in your SharePoint farm has been correctly configured for Project Server.

See the following blog post here for some typical configuration issues that can cause this.

Can I install the app without Internet connectivity?
The short answer is no, you cannot install or run SharePoint Apps from the Microsoft App Store unless your farm has connectivity to the Microsoft licensing servers.


However, for customers with security requirements that will not permit such a connection we can provide a Partner Licenses that includes an offline installation package for use in a private corporate App Catalog.

Please contact me from the Contacts page for a quote.

Cannot install app: 'something wrong with the download'
Error Message

Sorry, there was something wrong with the download. Try adding it again.


This can be caused by the language selection, currently English (United States) must be selected for the download option, even when using another English such as English (Australia).


When asked “Do you trust Bulk Edit…”, expand Show Language Options  and select English (United States).

Error 'Status unknown:0' when updating master projects
Error Message

Last Error: Sorry the update failed, ensure that the project is not checked out then try again. (Status unknown: 0)


Project Server App model does not currently support editing Master projects.


At the time of writing (May 2014) there is no resolution and master projects cannot be edited with BulkEdit.

Unable to update some built-in Project fields.
Error Message

Last Error: The unable to update custom field: **** could not find field or unsupported field type.


Currently only the following built-in fields are supported:

  • Project Name
  • Start Date
  • Status Date
  • Finish Date
  • Description
  • Project Owner

Additional fields will be added in future updates, please leave some feedback in the forum if you require a specific field.

Error when filtering on FLAG custom field
Error Message

Get project data error: An error occurred while processing this request.


This is a known bug in Project Server ODATA.


This issue has been fixed in Project Online, for on-premise installations make certain to update to the latest cumulative release or Service Pack 1.

Field update fails with message about field being Workflow Controlled
Error Message

The update failed, the custom field is Workflow Controlled and cannot be updated in the current stage.


As the message suggests workflow controlled fields cannot be edited if the project’s current workflow stage has the field set to read-only.


You cannot modify fields if they are configured as read only in the current workflow stage, please remove the field from the stage or mark the field as not workflow controlled to remove it from all stages and enable bulk updating.

Bulk Edit page is not formatted initially and missing graphics


Error Message

If viewing the browser console (F12 in IE / Chrome) the following error will be displayed:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (NOT FOUND)


This appears to be a bug when using a non-EN language PWA site collection.


This issue has been fixed on Project Online, however if you still experience it then see my write up here with the solution: