Config Tool Support


Config Tool No Longer Available.

Config Tool is no longer being sold or maintained, the below information is offered for existing customer support only.


Common Questions

Current Version: v1.0.0.5

See the release history for more information.


Known Limitations

Config Tool is designed to be simple and easy to use, as such it is limited by what is supported in the SharePoint App Store and via the client side object model, below are details of the limitations in the current version, please check back here as many of these items will be resolved in future versions.

Lookup Table Updates

Note: Lookup Table changes in Project Server by an Administrator can result in data loss if an entry that is used by existing Projects is deleted or moved in the lookup table hierarchy.

Config Tool will warn you before attempting to update a lookup table and will only delete lookup table entries if the GUID of the entry has been deleted.

In addition the following limitations exist when updating Lookup Tables:

  • Lookup Table Masks cannot be updated. This is due to a limitation of the API.
  • Lookup Entry Descriptions cannot be updated. Again this is due to limitations of the API.

Note that none of these limitations exist with NEW lookup tables are being created.

Custom Field Imports and Updates

The following limitations exist when importing or updating Custom Fields:

  • Graphical Indicators are not imported or updated. This is a limitation of the API and is not likely to be fixed until after a future update from Microsoft.
  • Department configuration is not imported or updated. Again this is due to limitations of the API.
Enterprise Project Type Updates

The following limitations exist when updating Enterprise Project Types;

  • Workflow associations cannot be made unless the GUID of the workflow solution exactly matches. In this case manually specifying the Workflow on the EPT in Server Settings after import is all that is required.
  • EPT Project Detail Pages cannot be updated. This is an API limitation, and only applies to updates not newly created EPTs. Manually deleting the EPT before import will allow for the EPT configuration to be created correctly.
  • Project Schedule Template will not be selected. Again this is an API limitation and must be set manually, this applies to both new and updated EPTs.

Other Known Issues and Common Warnings

Review the common issues below for information and workarounds.

Can I install the app without Internet connectivity?

The short answer is no, you cannot install or run SharePoint Apps from the Microsoft App Store unless your farm has connectivity to the Microsoft licensing servers.

However, for customers with security requirements that will not permit such a connection we can provide a Partner Licenses that includes an offline installation package for use in a private corporate App Catalog.

Please contact me from the Contacts page for a quote.

Page display corrupted and 'A known issue with Office365 and non-English instances detected'
Error Message

A known issue with Office365 and non-English instances detected, please review this support article if you experience issues with the page display.

Example incorrect page



This appears to be a bug when using a non-EN language PWA site collection.


This issue has been fixed on Project Online, however if you still experience it then see my write up here with the solution:

Warning: Import result of custom field displays 'Created with new UID'
Warning Message

The import status column of a custom field or lookup table displays:

Done. Created with new UID.


This will occur if you have previously deleted the custom field or lookup table in question, as Project Server saves a ‘shadow copy’ of the custom field in the database it is not possible to reuse the GUID after a field has been deleted.

Config Tool handles this by generating a new GUID for the custom field in question.

To work-around this issue if you have deleted a field (and you need to maintain GUIDs between multiple environments), delete and recreate the field in question in your SOURCE environment then re-export / import.

Unexpected PDP associated with EPT or Workflow Stage on Import

When importing EPTs or Workflow Stages the PDPs associated may be incorrect. You may also see the following error for EPTs:

Check New Project Page setting which could not be determined.


As Config Tool does not currently support the import or creation of PDPs when importing EPTs or Workflow Stages including specific PDPs the following will occur:

  1. Config Tool will try to match the PDPs by name, e.g. if your Stage contains a PDP named ‘Project Information’ then that page if found will be included.
  2. If no PDPs are found matching the names then the first PDP found of the appropriate page type ([1] Project or [2] New Project) will be associated with the item.

In order to avoid this, always manually create the PDPs with identical names before importing the rest of the configuration.

Issue: Cannot install app 'something wrong with the download'
Error Message

Sorry, there was something wrong with the download. Try adding it again.


This can be caused by the language selection, currently English (United States) must be selected for the download option.


When asked “Do you trust Config Tool…”, expand Show Language Options  and select English (United States).

Field creation error: 'Retryable; the field formula contains a field reference that was not found..'
Error Message

Retryable; the field formula contains a field reference that was not found, please retry after creating all other required fields.


This error is caused by a Custom Field formula containing a reference to a field that does not exist, while the import process will attempt to create dependent fields first, if all of the required fields are not selected then this error will occur.


Ensure that all fields used in the custom field formula have successfully imported then retry the import or update.