I’m doing some testing this week on migrating to 2010 so I have a few things I will be blogging about in the next day or so, but I noticed that my draft blog is getting very long so I thought I’d split one very important part of it into a separate entry altogether.

A few things have come out as obvious ‘gotchas’  in the migration requirements, and I’ll summarise them here quickly;

  • In-place migration requires 64bit Project Server / MOSS in order to ‘upgrade’
    This one is no surprise as 2010 is 64bit only.
  • Upgraded 2007 installations need to start by running all latest patches (as of October ’09), so that means:
    Project Server OctCU, MOSS OctCU, WSS OctCU, SQL 2005 SP3 + CU3 OR SQL 2008 SP1 + CU2. It’s worthwhile when doing any new installs from no onwards to START at that level.
  • DB-Attach upgrades (more on the upgrade methods in my main blog), which is probably the method that will be used 90% of the time due to #1 above will need Workspaces provisioned OUTSIDE of the default content database, i.e. Not at /PWA.
    Fortunately there are steps provided in the  migration guide to move your workspaces to a new site collection and content db so that this is possible.


Come back later for more comments and some lessons learnt.

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