I was meant to spend a couple of days this week at SharePoint 2010 Ignite in Sydney but unfortunately it was cut short after the first day, regardless though below I have my notes from the first day of the things that I thought were either worth remembering or of particular relevance to Project Server.

Day 1:

Overview / Architectural Changes

  • Groove is now called SharePoint Workspace.
  • Remote Blob storage allows content data to be stored externally, ie in a file share or 3rd party document management system (via add-in).
  • Significantly larger database size support (300GB+).
  • Media streaming (via chunks of data not actual steaming) now possible for Video / Audio.
  • Multi-tenancy allows for improved sharing of a farm between different entities, ie in a hosted environment when multiple companies share one farm.
  • Cross-farm Service Applications allows for sharing of some applications between farms (But not Project!).

    Business Continuity Management

  • SharePoint Config database now can be backed-up and restored.
  • Backup to XML of Config database possible, restore of config only is also possible (extra steps would be required for the content).
  • Export of sites and lists from central admin now possible, including from unattached database.
  • Restore of individual site from full farm .bak file supported via PowerShell.
  • SharePoint is now mirror aware allowing the configuration of a “failover database server” for each configured database.

    Operations – Monitoring

  • Managed accounts allow for service account passwords to be automatically managed, e.g. automatic complex password change on schedule.
  • Logging database now available, can capture ULS, Event and other logs as well as performance stats.
  • Text file trace (ULS) log file now compressed by default, and log flood protection enabled by default.
  • PowerShell commands for log management, one nice one is: “Merge-SPLogFile” which combines all trace log files from servers in the farm.
    • Another useful example to get the recent ‘Project’ logs:

      get-splogevent -starttime (get-date).addminutes(-15) | where { $_.Area -like '*Project*' }

Unfortunately I we can’t distribute the slides videos shown, but keep an eye on the MS SharePoint Team blog as I’m sure when they finish the round of sessions you will then be able to download them all to see the rest of the content.

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