A new version of Bulk Edit should be available to update any time now via the SharePoint store (check your Site Contents list for the update if you’ve already installed).

What’s new in v1.0.2?

  • Performance improvements loading field configuration.
  • Bug Fixes, specifically on first load and handling workflow controlled fields.
  • Permissions requirement change, no longer needs Site Collection admin rights to install. (How did that get in there?)

Re-installation will be Required Soon

Over the next week a completely new Bulk Edit package will roll out to the SharePoint Store, this will replace the old packaging requiring those with any previous version installed will (one day) have to re-install in order to get any future updates after v1.0.2. The reason for this is account related and unfortunately cannot be avoided so apologies in advance.

Update 05/11/13:

The updated Bulk Edit has been submitted to the app store and existing users may now see two versions of Bulk Edit in the store, although the old version of Bulk Edit will keep working as is for the future, in order to get future updates please check that you are using a version higher than v1.0.2.2.

Note: No change other than the publisher profile will happen for Bulk Edit, it will remain free and feature complete now and forever. This change is only required to consolidate Nearbaseline’s App store profiles so I apologize for this inconvenience.

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