One of the best takeaways from ProjConf 2014 in my opinion was this gem by Chris Givens from Architecting Connected Systems: 

Basically if you are working with the CSOM, JSOM or REST client side APIs for Project Server and SharePoint (and if you were at ProjConf after all the great sessions you have no excuse NOT to be! ;]), then you’ve probably found yourself browsing the REST endpoints to find what you need. I do all the time, in fact I will be writing about doing so for my Holiday Sync write up to be posted soon.

Using SPREST though this is made super easy, you can browse UP or DOWN the hierarchy of objects to find what you need (e.g. BaseCalendarExceptions) and it generate the code you need to use it via REST, CSOM or JSOM!

Not only that it has a voting feature where you can submit to MS (via Chris) suggestions of what unexposed methods you want to see in the client side that are exposed in the server side! Sweet.


It’s currently in Alpha, so check the site and support it by clicking on ad’s or buying the app when it’s out!

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