Microsoft posted an update to the CSOM API on Nuget last week, see the full announcement here: New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online – January 2017

Significantly for those of us in the world of Project Server is the addition of a handful of new classes and methods for managing Enterprise Resource Cost Rates:

  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.CostRateCreationInformation
  • public enum Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.CostRateTableName
  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.DraftAssignment.CostRateTable
  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResource.CostRateTables
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRate
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateCollection
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRatePropertyNames
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTable
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTableCollection
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTableObjectPropertyNames
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.EnterpriseResourceCostRateTablePropertyNames
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.PageSizes
  • public class Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.PageSizesPropertyNames
  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.ProjectContext.PageSizes
  • public property Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client.PublishedAssignment.CostRateTable

(Copied from the Office Blog above)

Good news as that is one more step closer to CSOM / JSOM API parity with the now legacy PSI, also great news to see something new from MS for us poor neglected Project developers. ;)

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