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Brandon James

Background: Third party app for Project Server 2013 to allow bulk editing of fields within projects within Project Server. Initially downloaded the app and it worked on day one and then the next time the tool was accessed (maybe 3 – 5 days later) errors were occurring


Issue: After configuring Apps for SharePoint Server 2013 and then downloading the App from the App Store the app appears as an option within the Local App Store to use. Once you go to the Home page of PWA you open the Ribbon and click on Bulk Edit tool. The response is: cannot find http://<guidappid>.servername/apps/bulkedit/default.aspx (Not 100% sure of the actual URL, but the format is similar)


Attempted Resolutions:

1.       Uninstall app, restart IIS, Install app failed.

2.       Reconfiguring the App URL in Central Admin and also permissions


Current Status: It does not work!


Current Action: Trying to install tool in a non-prod environment to see if it works.