As I’ve been deep in the world of Project Server 2010 configuration this week, I thought I’d share a quick round up of the cool things I have noticed:

  • Ability to edit custom fields in PWA without Pro client running.
  • Project and Task Custom Fields update when project edited in PWA (Except for the first time usually).
  • SharePoint 2010 Workflows have been updated, they are quite nice; for example the approval workflow is now able to do multi-level serial / parallel approvals, etc.
  • Saving new Workspace templates is so so easy now! Just save site as a template, then go to your project type and select the new template!
  • PDP’s rock – ‘enuf said.
  • BI Centre is great, but so much more time will be needed (at least at first) in getting the reports you need. The flip side is that the reason why so much more time is needed is because you can get so much more out of them!

More to come in the coming days / weeks as it looks like client number 2 is going to kick of a 2010 implementation in the next week or so. Exciting times..

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