First impressions matter and so far I’m impressed.

Exciting Stuff (in no particular order)

  • SharePoint Security model – no more Manage Users / Groups! Literally, the links are gone! Awesome.
  • Integration of PDP’s and the Project Site is great! Such a simple change but it does improve the navigation.


  • Set Baseline from PWA! (If that doesn’t excite you then think about it; Baseline through Demand Management / Governance Workflows!)



  • Performance is good – granted my lab runs on SSD but page loads are fast, perception of performance is very good.
  • SharePoint Task List projects are nice, perfect replacement for what would currently be a basic online edited project. I especially love the fact that from Project Centre New Project throws the user directly into the Project Site after creation!



  • Timeline all over PWA – love it! (So will my customers!)



The not so great

  • Still cannot do % allocations in PWA. :(
  • Need to read-up on what happened to Security Categories my favourite miss-understood Project feature.
  • I still can’t find the site breadcrumb? (e.g. Navigate back to PWA from a project site)

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