A new version of Bulk Edit has been released and can be downloaded immediately from the app store! In this version I have implemented many of the most requested features and changed some of the old, so read ahead and try it out.

New Features

  • Save changes by row. Now by default all changes are saved one row at a time not and not one cell at a time.
  • Defer saving of all changes. Optionally you can apply changes only a button click, this allows for you to change many projects at once before applying any changes.
  • Improved localization. Dates and numbers now are shown in your locale format configured in PWA.
  • Force check-in button. A shortcut button has been added to open the force check-in page in PWA.
  • Per-user view changes saved. By default the last used field configuration will be displayed when you open Bulk Edit.
  • No more double-click to edit fields. Now clicking on any cell or tabbing to that cell will allow immediate editing.

Bug fixes

  • Sorting order of the custom field filter view is now alphabetical.
  • On initial load the app sometimes failed to load data and would be stuck “Loading…” indefinitely.


Open site contents in PWA to find the update link:

If you don’t see the update link, then open Details on the app tile to find it.

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