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      I have installed Bulk Edit app on Dev and QA environment and it’s working properly.
      I went ahead and installed it on UAT env, and facing issues. On opening the app it prompts for login which I’m doing and it fails and I get the message.
      “Error loading page, error was: error details: Unauthorized”

      I went through the below mentioned articles :

      Controlling Project OData permissions for Apps and Reporting

      Bulk Edit Support

      To confirm the issue I installed Holiday sync app which also behaves similarly and gives unauthorized message popup.

      I can confirm that permissions and settings are identical on QA and UAT env.
      Bulk Edit requires two permissions to be applied to users to be able to access project’s:
      Access Project Server Reporting Service – A Global Project Server Permission
      Use Remote Interfaces – A SharePoint permission level

      Also my Id has all required permissions.

      Other apps are working properly on UAT, issue seems to be with PWA apps.

      Kindly let me know if I’m missing something.

      Rivin Jose

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      Martin Laukkanen


      Based on the issue detailed, in particular that other apps also fail with similar errors, my guess is that PWA does not have access to the App Management Service itself. So in other words rather than it being a permission problem in the PWA configuration, actually the permissions configured in the SharePoint farm for Project Server and apps are not correct.

      Check the permissions granted to the Project Server service account configured in CA and compare it between DEV and UAT, specifically what permissions are granted to the App Management Service and database(s) configured.

      From memory the Project Server service account will need explicit access to the app management service.

      Hope that helps you find the cause of this issue.


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      Hi Martin

      I provided Full control to Project Server service account on App. Mgmt. service as well as Full control to App. Mgmt. service account to Project Server service.

      Compared the configurations on Dev,QA with Uat and found that this was not done there. No explicit permissions were provided.

      Is there any other setting I should check.

      Rivin Jose

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