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      serge fournier


      our server is in french (with english language pack installed)
      after installing bulk edit, i got 2 different bugs (with bulk edit)
      loading data, forever
      script error on page:
      Message : Sys.ParameterCountException: Parameter count mismatch.
      Ligne : 506
      Caractère : 33
      Code : 0

      The user to install and test the app:
      the sharepoint farm admin account

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      Martin Laukkanen


      Apologies for missing your question which got mixed up with the spam that often gets posted here!

      Firstly I have seen the problem you describe with forever loading, if you refresh the page or click the reload button does it ever then work? Also can you tell me does it show you the field picker at first without issue?


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      Martin Laukkanen


      I did some further investigation and was able to reproduce your initial error with the page stuck on loading, however the console error was different. But regardless I have published a bug fix for this which should be deployed through the app store in the next few days. (v1.0.3.1)

      Please update your version once that is available and let me know your results.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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