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      I have installed the bulk edit app for our project server environment. I am getting an error in the following scenario:
      * Client field is a lookup.
      * Add this field to the bulk edit projects screen.
      * Filter the listing by a client name that contains the charater “&”. For example, pick to show all projects where client name is “X & Y”.
      * The following error message is displayed:

      Error getting project count, error was: parsererror details: Error: Invalid XML: {“error”:{“code”:””,”message”:{“lang”:”en-US”,”value”:”Unterminated string literal at position 50 in ‘ProjectOwnerName ne null and ClientName eq ‘X ‘.”}}}.

      It seems to truncate at the “&” character. In all other cases, filtering works as expected.

      Thanks :)

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      I forgot to mention that we have version of the app installed.

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      Martin Laukkanen

      Hi there,

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ve just tested and confirmed your issue in my lab, and yes as you say it does appear to not handle the ampersand (&) properly in the filter.

      I’ll have a look at fixing that in the app in the coming days and update you again.


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      Martin Laukkanen

      Okay I have found and fixed the bug, please look out for v1.0.4.4 update which has just been submitted to MS for approval. (Expect 3-5 working days)


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