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      Hey Martin, not sure what the best way is to contact you on this one…
      I downloaded your app for an on demand client today and found the following two issues:
      – We couldn’t paste in values from Excel.
      – The screen displayed an error message after clicking the icon: Error loading page, error was: parsererror details: Error: Invalid XML: {“error”:{“code”:””,”message”:{“lang”:”en-AU”,”value”:”An error occurred while processing this request.”}}}

      Not sure if the above error was the reason why I couldn’t paste in values or if this is not supported.

      Entered (not pasted) project metadata updates went through without an issue :-)


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      Martin LaukkanenMartin Laukkanen

      Hi Dan,

      Cut and Paste support is specifically designed to work from one project to another in BulkEdit, as it does not interact with the users clipboard. So I do not expect that to work as it is not something I have specifically tested.

      However it is a great feature suggestion that I will definitely add the list of things to add in a future update.

      As for the error, that sounds like an intermittent failure due to something like connectivity, for example it may have timed out. Bulk Edit is designed to retry and resume if possible so as you were able to update projects otherwise I’m going to assume that is the case.

      Hope that helps,

Viewing 1 reply thread
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